About us

Our group conducts research in a broad range of theoretical physics. We mainly focus on problems of strongly correlated systems containing a few ultra-cold particles. We aim to give some better understanding how the collective properties of the many-body systems are manifested when one considers a mesoscopic number of particles. This general motivation brings our interests close to different issues of modern physics including exotic quantum phases, critical phenomena and quantum phase transitions, out-of-equilibrium dynamics, nonclassical correlations, high-precision measurements, quantum transport, quantum chemistry, or even quantum biology.

We believe that Physics, as a unique theory, describes our World on all possible scales. Therefore, we are looking for similarities and differences between different physical phenomena appearing in allegedly different systems.

Daily, we are a smiling and enthusiastic group of physicists treating our "job" as a "funny quest for truth".

Contact us

We are always looking for young researchers (BSc, MSc as well as PhD candidates) to join our group. If you have any questions about our research or you just want to talk about physics please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Schedule


Free to talk all day long


12:00-13:00 Theoretical Physics Seminar


10:00-11:00 CFT Seminar

14:00-15:00 BEC Seminar


11:00-13:00 Group meeting

13:00-15:00 Group lunch


13:15-14:00 Journal Club